Enjoy Delicious BBQ Seafood at Shake Banya – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Located near the Ohashi Bridge in Kushiro City, Shake Banya is a seafood BBQ restaurant where you can enjoy freshly caught Pacific Ocean fish. Shake Banyan uses the robata-yaki cooking method (grilling over charcoal) which is a specialty in Kushiro. Classic eastern Hokkaido seafood is on the menu: delicious aphrodisiacs like Akkeshi oysters, fist-sized Notsuke scallops, and plump and juicy Maehama Atka mackerel. The overflowing salmon roe donburi (rice bowl) is another Hokkaido favorite. A fishmonger also operates in the building so you know you’re getting some of the freshest fish in Kushiro at Shake Banya!

Shake Banya

4-11 Hamacho, Kushiro, Hokkaido