Enjoy Free-Flowing Hot Spring Water Directly from the Source on a Scenic-Fishing Island – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Accessible by plane or by ferry from Wakkanai, Rishiri Island is blessed with abundant nature, including the beautiful Mount Rishiri, which stands at the center of the island and is sometimes called “Rishiri Fuji” because of its resemblance to Mount Fuji. The island is known for harvesting delicious sea urchin in the summer, and many people visit here to enjoy it and other seafoods. While here, be sure to stop by the Rishiri Fureai Onsen, the only lodging facility on Rishiri Island or Rebun Island in the north to have free-flowing (heated) hot spring water pulled directly from the source spring. Don’t miss the chance to soak as the water contains plenty of sodium bicarbonate, and is highly regarded for its beautifying effects on the skin.

Rishiri Fureai Onsen 

90 Fujimicho Kutsugata, Rishiri, Rishiri-gun, Hokkaido