Enjoy Furano Jingisukan Lamb at Hitsuji no Oka – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Hitsuji no Oka, located 20 minutes by car from Furano Station, is a restaurant serving Hokkaido classic jingisukan lamb (lamb grilled on convex skillets that resemble the headwear worn by Mongolian conqueror “Genghis Khan”). And what better way to compliment your delicious repast than with equally sumptuous views overlooking the Furano hills? The chalet-Esque restaurant’s outdoor terrace (heated in the colder months of the year) casts its gaze across the unhindered central Hokkaido countryside of nearby flatlands and distant jostling peaks. Choose from 3 types of mutton: Suffolk, with its tender texture and subtle taste; the low-fat Milk Lamb; or the Shiro Hitsuji, which has the high-fat content typically associated with jingisukan lamb. And for a delicious dessert, be sure to try the soft-serve ice cream!

Hitsuji no Oka

Nakafurano Beberui, Nakafurano, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido