Enjoy Panoramic Views from the Shirotai Ranch Observation Deck – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

The Shirotai Ranch in Nanae, approximately 14 miles from Hakodate, is a municipally-operated ranch where cattle are left to their own devices on the pastures – you’ll often catch sight of them ambling, lowing, and grazing at their leisure. During the daytime, visitors are also greeted with panoramic views of rolling fields, mountain tops jutting above fluffy clouds, and dense clumps of forest. While after dark the ranch is famous for its twinkling night views, which offer distant glimpses of Mt. Hakodate and the southern Hokkaido urban sprawl. The Shirotai Ranch Observation Deck is still considered a bit of a hidden gem, so you may even find yourself up there with only the views for the company! 


Shirotai Ranch Observation Deck

Kamifujishiro, Nanae, Kameda-gun, Hokkaido