Enjoy Stunning Nightscapes of Muroran from the Mt. Sokuryozan Observatory Deck – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Muroran is one of the leading industrial towns in Hokkaido, known as the island’s center of iron and steel production. The imposing factory lights up after dark of night and has become a must-see for visitors to this part of central Hokkaido. The largest suspension bridge in eastern Japan, Hakucho Bridge, pierces the darkness in the background, adding to this already remarkably beautiful nightscape. The Mt. Sokuryozan Observatory Deck is definitely the best place to take in the postcard-worthy views of Muroran city, the Pacific Ocean waters, and the rolling mountains silhouetted against the night sky.

Mt. Sokuryozan Observatory

1 Chome Jinyamachi, Muroran, Hokkaido