Enjoy the Exhilarating Feeling of F1 Racing in a Rental Kart – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Without needing a reservation, head over to the New Chitose Motorland and rent the “Birel N35X” kart for a ride around the track. Halfway between a go-kart and a real Formula One racecar, this kart simulates the fast-paced thrill of a circuit. Grab a group of six or more people to experience a real chartered race (¥6,600 on weekdays, ¥8,250 on weekends and holidays). After a briefing and a 10-minute practice run and time trial, there will be five qualifying laps and 10 laps of a final race to settle the question of who is the fastest!

New Chitose Motorland

1292-560 Bimi, Chitose, Hokkaido