Enjoy Therapeutic Hot Springs at Tokachigawa Onsen – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Tokachigawa Onsen, a hot spring resort in central Hokkaido, features unique moor (plant-derived) hot springs. The spring water accumulates ancient plant and organic matter as it ascends toward the surface, resulting in a brown tinge and a variety of moisturizing components that make your skin feel silky smooth. With such renowned therapeutic properties, the onsen (hot springs) have earned the nickname bijin no yu, the “hot springs of beauty”. Coupled with the beautifying water are gorgeous, seasonally-shifting landscapes on the surrounding Tokachi Plains; embrace these together, and feel all of your worries melt away. For an even better vantage point, why not fly above the plains in a hot-air balloon during summer? And of course, there is a ryokan (traditional inns) and hotels where you can stay for the night.

Tokachigawa Onsen (Hot Springs)