Escape daily life and seek out Hokkaido’s great nature in Tokachi-Obihiro area – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Tokachi-Obihiro Airport serves a wide region that is also known as Hokkaido’s heartland. This makes it predestined as your next great escape into nature. Here, you will find majestically wide plains, which are anchored by snowcapped mountains and crystal-clear lakes. There are so many great things to do in this area, and the selection showcased in this article only scratches the surface. However, especially if you want a break from everyday life and to experience something new while getting closer to Hokkaido’s world-renowned natural landscape, you could do much worse than by choosing the three spots below.

Glamping Resort Feriendorf

First, we want to introduce the Glamping Resort Feriendorf. Only 15 minutes by car from Tokachi-Obihiro airport, this massive site located in Nakasatsunai Village in Tokachi aims to introduce the unusual, an experience that simply cannot be found in the city. First, we must mention the road brings you to facility, as it is known throughout Hokkaido as one that “goes on forever, in a field that stretches forever” and is thus symbolic of Tokachi. Next, let us talk about the name. “Ferien” is German for “vacation” and Dorf is “village”. As the name suggests, it is a village that is fit for vacationing to the fullest. The site is completely surrounded by forest and lined with many German-style cottages. These cottages double as your accommodation and are equipped with a cozy fireplace – both inside and outside. Whether you enjoy grilling the local produce up as part of a decadent barbeque, go horseback riding along the plains or simply switch off by getting lost in the stars at night, the Feriendorf is will be your perfect retreat into nature.

Hokkaido Kasai-gun Nakasatsunai Village Minamitokiwa Higashi 4 Line

Kanda Nissho Memorial Museum of Art

For something more inspiring, head to the Kanda Nissho Memorial Museum of Art located in
Shikaoi Town, which honors the achievements of the late painter Kanda Nissho. Kanda, who settled in Tokachi as a boy and continued his creative activities while farming in the region, establishing a reputation for his powerful style of painting. Indeed, he is renowned for his oil painting in particular, with his scenes depicting daily life garnering him acclaim in the art world. The primary feature of Kanda’s oil paintings is his representational style, rich with texture and a sensitive touch, as well as his plain surface finish that foregoes shades, shadows and perspective. They are also notable for their simplicity: most of his work is painted on a piece of plywood using a painting knife. Sadly, he died at the young age of 32, leaving what is today his most famous painting unfinished. This work, simply titled Horse, now serves as the symbol of the museum.

3-2 Higashi-cho, Shikaoi-cho, Kato-gun, Hokkaido

AERU Urakawa Village

AERU is a massive resort hotel located in Urakawa Town, at the very south of Central Hokkaido. Featuring almost 200 rooms, the resort is especially known for its horses (yes, you read that right!). Horse riding has long been renowned as one of the best ways to experience the trademark wide plains of this region of Hokkaido, and you can enjoy this unique activity on-site here. 14 horses live in the grounds of the hotel, and horse trekking as well as shorter horse-riding courses are available year-round. However, this is not the only thing the resort offers. There is also a huge spa – perfect for switching off after your ride. The view is nothing to scoff at either, as the magnificent Hidaka mountain range is visible from the windows of the spa. For the kids, there is also a mini golf course as well as special Japanese toy house. On Yushun Sakura Road, which stretches about 3km from the entrance of Yushun no Sato Park to AERU, more than 1,000 Ezoyama cherry trees line up on both sides of the road. When it is in full bloom in May, the cherry blossom tunnel will delight the eyes of visitors. Finally, no stay is complete without food, and here AERU has you covered as well. Serving up a delicious take on traditional Japanese resort food based on local and seasonal ingredients, you will be thoroughly pampered throughout your stay here.

141-40 Nishicha, Urakawa-cho, Urakawa-gun, Hokkaido

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