Experience the Freshest Sea Urchin Around & Catch It Yourself – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Fed and nurtured on nutrient-rich kelp, the uni (sea urchin) that live near Rishiri Island is said to have the richest, sweetest flavor of any in Japan. Kamui Kaigan Park offers a uni catching activity where visitors can catch these spiny delicacies just like the fishermen do. Look down at the seabed with a special glass box and if you spot some uni, scoop them up! The opportunity to taste fresh-caught uni is a rare luxury, and visitors should make the best of this experience. The best way to enjoy these fresh morsels is by slurping them up from their shells or creating your own seaweed-wrapped uni sushi. For those who can’t wait, you can even try the uni on the spot using a special splitter to open them. The sweet and salty taste has an indescribably creamy texture and will have you wanting to jump right into the water to catch more. You’ll see immediately why Rishiri uni is said to be the tastiest in the country. Please note that the experience may be cancelled due to rain or high waves, so be sure to check in advance (the cost is 1500 yen per caught uni).

Kamui Kaigan Park

149-2 Kamui, Kutsugata, Rishiri-cho, Rishiri-gun, Hokkaido