Experience the Season’s Magnificence in an Open-Air Bath – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

This recently renewed hot spring facility is dedicated to one day bathing. Its water source is the sulfur-scented Oyu-numa Hot Spring, which was renovated in 2015. While here, don’t miss the two types of hot springs: a sulfur spring and an iron mineral spring. In addition to the spacious indoor baths, the facility also features a full range of outdoor bath services, such as the “Fureai-no-yu” and “Hinoki-buro” for men, and the “Yasuragi-no-yu” and “Hoshizora-no-yu” for women. There are also women’s baths with special beautifying properties, like the “Yuka-no-yu” mud bath. Why not try applying mud from the bottom of the bath to your skin, which is said to make your skin beautiful? Relax in the resting area, grab a bite at the restaurant, or marvel at the spectacular views of the natural scenery from the open-air bath. Regardless of your relaxation needs, Rankoshi Town has you covered!

Yukichichibu Onsen

680-2 Yunosato, Rankoshi, Isoya-gun, Hokkaido