Experience the Vivid Color of Hokkaido at Mishima Shibazakura Garden – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

The Niseko area of Hokkaido gives nature-lovers a window into the unique, dynamic scenery found throughout Japan’s northernmost island. In particular, Mishima Shibazakura Garden in Kutchan is home to some lovely shibazakura, or moss phlox. The white and pink shibazakura, contrasting with the green and yellow nanohana (canola flowers) against Mt. Yotei make for a vividly colorful scene. The property used to be privately owned by a farmer named Kazuo Mishima. The shibazakura and nanohana were all raised with love by Mr. Mishima himself, and have been tended with care into the present day. As a result of his kindness, this gorgeous property is now open to the public. As long as visitors adhere to proper rules of etiquette, they are free to roam about his private garden.


Mishima Shibazakura Garden

51 Asahi,  Kutchan, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido