Explore Hokkaido’s Indigenous Culture at Kawamura Kaneto Ainu Memorial Museum – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Japan’s oldest Ainu (Hokkaido’s indigenous population) memorial hall, the Kawamura Kaneto Ainu Memorial Museum, has passed down through generations of the Ainu people for over 100 years. It hosts a range of valuable cultural implements and traditional everyday tools used by the Ainu people. Cultural workshops offered at the memorial hall offer visitors rare opportunities to experience the artistic customs of the Ainu, such as making traditional instruments, or trying on traditional Ainu clothing and embroidery. Daily performances give glimpses of the unique songs and the dances of the native people. While you can also pick up souvenirs made by some of Hokkaido’s remaining Ainu descendents. 

Kawamura Kaneto Ainu Memorial Museum

11 Chome Hokumoncho Asahikawa, Hokkaido