Explore Natures Bounty on Rishiri Island – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Off the northern coast of Hokkaido sits Rishiri Island, a beautiful spot for both nature-lovers and hikers alike. The central focus of the island is Mt. Rishiri, which is lovingly referred to as “Rishiri Fuji” due to its striking resemblance to the better-known Mt. Fuji. The months between June and August, when the alpine plants are in bloom, is an ideal time to visit and hike the trails. With a circumference of only 63km, visitors can view the mountain from just about any location on the island. For those intimidated by the prospect of an arduous hike, the Hime and Otadomari Marshes make for a beautiful natural landscape that frames the mountains with their primeval forests. After appreciating all of the natural beauty Rishiri Island has to offer, visitors can sample the island’s fresh uni (sea urchin), which can be enjoyed alone or over rice as an uni-don.

Rishiri Island

Rishiri-gun, Hokkaido