Exploring the Frontiers of Our Galaxy at the Shosanbetsu Astronomical Observatory – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Located on the northern shore of Hokkaido along the Sea of Japan, the remoteness of Shosanbetsu offers a brilliant view of the star-filled sky. Misakidai Park, surrounded by abundant nature overlooking the ocean, is home to the Shosanbetsu Astronomical Observatory. There, visitors can take in the beauty of the cosmos firsthand. The 360° rotating dome is equipped with a giant reflecting 65-centimeter astronomical telescope that will be your gateway to the wonders of space. Check out celestial bodies in our solar system and beyond and feel the smallness of our little blue planet as you look out into the expanse of space. For a little extra fun, find an unnamed star through the “My Stars System” and give it a name of your choosing! Plan your trip carefully as the observatory is closed from December to the end of February.


Shosanbetsu Astronomical Observatory

153-7 Toyosaki, Shosambetsu, Tomamae-gun, Hokkaido