Exploring the Underwater World of Hokkaido’s Freshwater Fish – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Fish that live along riverbanks of Hokkaido are bred and exhibited here at the Northern Daichi Aquarium. On site, be sure to check out the twenty itou (Sakhalin taimen) which have been bred to measure over 1-meter in length, the largest in Japan!  While here, stop by the Takitsubo Tank, where you can witness the movement of fish in a waterfall basin that reproduces a torrent of water within a dome-shaped tank. The “Four Seasons Tank” which showcases fish swimming vigorously under a frozen river in winter is also a must-see. Finally, don’t miss the exhibitions reproducing Hokkaido’s natural environment in both appearance and wildlife!

Northern Daichi Aquarium

1-4 Matsuyama, Rubeshibe-cho, Kitami, Hokkaido