Exquisitely Simple and Rich Soft-Serve Ice Cream in Naganuma – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Founded in 1994, this shop has long been a popular staple of the ice cream market. Don’t miss the chance to try the very soft-serve that is said to have started the Hokkaido milk soft-serve ice cream craze! The secret to its popularity is its use of 100% raw Hokkaido milk that is carefully created in its own kitchens. Besides soft serve ice cream and gelato, you should also try their Western sweets, such as the “Naganuma Roll” for 700 ¥, “Caciocavallo Chiccolo” cheese for 1080 ¥, as well as bacon and sausages made from Yoichi Town’s Kitajima Farm’s barley pork.

Ice House Naganuma Main Store

11 Senminami-6 Nishi, Naganuma, Yubari District, Hokkaido