Float Away in Lake Kussharo’s Otherworldly Sea of Clouds – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Lake Kussharo, located in Akan Mashu National Park, is home to a breathtaking natural phenomenon; a Sea of Clouds! Best viewed in the early morning from June to the end of October every year, the Sea of Clouds suspended over Lake Kussharo is formed in a stable air mass with just the right level of humidity. When you look out upon this unique and otherworldly spot, the Sea of Clouds softly undulates, as if it were an actual ocean with gentle waves. Why are there clouds both above and below you? Why is Hokkaido blessed with such a varied climate? How and why are these beautiful cloud formations created? To answer these and other questions, and be transported to the magical floating world of the Sea of Clouds, hire an expert guide to curate your once-in-a-lifetime journey.