Food Workshop Iroha: A Restaurant That Will Fill You Up for Your Next Hokkaido Adventure – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Food Workshop Iroha is a local teishoku (set meal) legend! The restaurant has  received many rave reviews from satisfied customers not only for its delicious meals, but also for their generous serving sizes. Check out why this restaurant’s menu has earned it a broad fan base, with a wide selection of Japanese & Western-style dishes available, from their meaty hamburger steak, to their spiced Japanese curry. When at the Food Workshop, make sure to order their most popular menu item, also known as Kushiro’s famed comfort food, chicken cutlet spaghetti! In this unique dish, a huge serving of chicken cutlets top a plate of spaghetti, finished with a heaping helping of their homemade tomato sauce. If you’re still hungry, why not try their amazingly fresh soba noodles, made by hand by the owner?

Food Workshop Iroha

7-20 Nakahama, Kushiro, Hokkaido