Four Seasons of Beauty at Lake Shikaribetsu – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Lake Shikaribetsu, Hokkaido’s highest altitude lake, is tucked away in the Taisetsu Mountains. Regardless of when you make a trip, this beautiful body of water can be enjoyed year-round. From January to December, check out spectacular views of nature from the observatory, relax in a hot spring, or just enjoy the great outdoors. Traveling in the Spring or Summer? Be prepared to trek through a world of blue and green bursting to life from the lake and the surrounding area. Summer travelers should also try Canadian canoeing, sea kayaking, and moss forest hiking. If Autumn better fits your schedule, try to aim for late September and early October when the foliage is alive with the Erman’s birch and rowan trees’ beautiful reds and yellows.

Lake Shikaribetsu