From Sea to Plate: Learn about the Oyster Industry from Local Akkeshi Fishermen – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Eastern Hokkaido is an outstanding place to enjoy fresh Japanese seafood and good company. In Akkeshi-cho, join local fishermen on their boats for a behind-the-scenes look at the oyster industry. After checking the oyster traps out at sea, you will return to the mainland and visit a cozy little oyster bar. There, you will have a chance to savor oysters usually only available in high-end restaurants. The best part? These oysters are far fresher than the ones you would eat elsewhere! Fishermen will also show you how oysters are cleaned and teach you how to open an oyster the right way with your own hands. If you’re a fan of whisky, be sure to try a glass of locally-produced spirits alongside the delicious oysters.


Akkeshi-cho, Hokkaido