Ginga-no-Mori Cottage Village – Stay Overnight and Stargaze to Your Heart’s Content – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Rikubetsu Town, one of the coldest places in Japan, is also known for its clear sky, which is perfect for star-gazing. As such, the Rikubetsu Space and Earth Science Museum, an observatory open to the public, with one of the largest reflecting telescopes in Japan, was built there in 1998. Ginga-no-Mori Cottage Village was built in 1999 in Ginga-no-Mori, where the observatory is located. There are four types of cottages, some with saunas, lofts, etc., for 6-10 people, with seven cottages in total. This accommodation allows you to stargaze to your heart’s content.

Ginga-no-Mori Cottage Village

Uembetsu, Rikubetsu-cho, Ashoro-gun, Hokkaido