Go Birdwatching in Shunkunitai Wild Bird Sanctuary – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Nemuro, known across Hokkaido and beyond as a treasure trove of wild birds, is frequented by international birdwatching enthusiasts. Shunkunitai Wild Bird sanctuary in particular is known as the best spot for birders in Nemuro. The Lake Furen area in Shunkunitai has a highly diverse ecosystem with seashores, tidal flats, grasslands, marshes, and forests. It’s home to over 300 varieties of wild birds: Steller’s sea eagles, crested auklets, spectacled guillemots, long-tailed tits, and red-crowned cranes (some of the rarest cranes in the world-renowned for their dinosaur-Esque squawks). The nature center, which opened in 1995 to help promote local conservational activities, is a great spot to learn more about the wildlife in the sanctuary.

Shunkunitai Wild Bird Sanctuary

103 Tobai, Nemuro, Hokkaido