Goshuin Stamps: A Collector’s Dream – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Goshuin, or “scarlet stamps”, refer to the seals and stamps given at most shrines and temples. When collecting a goshuin, it is common for the date, the name of the shrine or temple, and the name of the deity to be written out using traditional ink in a booklet. A goshuin-cho, or stamp booklet, is necessary to receive goshuin. These booklets can be purchased at most shrines and temples. Goshuin tours, which take visitors to various temples and shrines in order to receive these special stamps, are conducted across Hokkaido. These tours are a fun and convenient way to collect this uniquely Japanese souvenir. Visitors should keep in mind that collecting goshuin isn’t the same as normal stamp collecting. It’s important to pay respects to the enshrined deities at each holy place in order to receive its goshuin.