Grilled to Perfection: Dine at Marukaichi, a Fishery-owned Seafood Restaurant – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Operated by a local fishery, Marukaichi is a restaurant serving seafood prepared in a Japanese fireside grill. Every table is equipped with a gas stove which allows diners to cook their seafood to their own preferences. Don’t miss this unique interactive meal! In addition to this hands-on dining experience, Marukaichi offers several affordable set menus, including a variety of single-item choices like Atka mackerel, dried squid, and snow crab. Be sure to also try the popular rich crab miso ramen with crab broth, and a miniature seafood bowl that is perfect with grilled seafood!

Marukaichi Suisan

2-11-7 Shinko-cho, Monbetsu, Hokkaido