Gyokusenkan Atochi Park: A Tea Ceremony House Nestled in Beautiful Gardens – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

From 1904 to 1979, these lovely gardens were the grounds of a traditional hot spring inn (ryokan). Now open from Spring to Fall, this park in the heart of Iwamizawa is the perfect place to experience historical Japan. Find peace in the meditative gardens of carefully tended trees and shrubs that vibrantly color the grounds. In the Spring, come enjoy the lovely cherry blossom trees while in the Fall, lose yourself among the spectacular Autumn colors. If you have time, reserve a spot at the Gyokusenan tearoom on the pond and experience the tea ceremony in this scenic environment.

Gyokusenkan Atochi Park

3-chome-3-1 Higashiyama, Iwamizawa, Hokkaido