Hachikyo: A Unique Seafood Dining Experience in Sapporo – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

One of the best things about Hokkaido’s eclectic dining scene is amazing seafood. Hachikyo (which has five branches spread across Sapporo) features delicious seasonal seafood sourced from fishing ports all over the island. The main shop in Chuo Ward has a rustic wooden interior, designed in the style of a banya (a communal fishermen’s lodging). The decor also resembles seafaring life: buoyancy rings, traditional wave art, fishing lights, and tairyo-bata banners (fishermen’s flags raised when a ship is returning to port with the day’s catch) hang from the walls. Hachikyo is famous for its ganso tsukko meshi, a rice bowl topped with salmon roe till overflowing, while staff members further enliven the atmosphere by chanting at your table. It’s one of Hokkaido’s most unique dining experiences.


Miyako Building 1F, S3 W3, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido