Hakodate Airport: Connecting the City of Night Views and History to Mainland Japan and the Rest of Hokkaido – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Well known even overseas as a popular tourist destination, Hakodate’s portal to the skies has more flights to Osaka, Tokyo, the rest of Japan, and even places within Hokkaido, such as Sapporo and Okushiri Island, than ever before. There are also lots of restaurants and souvenir shops!


Situated on the 3rd floor of the terminal with a great view of the runways and the Tsugaru Straits is “Restaurant & Bar 1854HAKODATE”.Don’t miss the “Hokkaido beef roast beef rice bowl” made of Hokkaido specialty beef.You can eat the multiple tastes of beef.At MISUZU Café, the very fragrant Roast Coffee Curry is very popular and will help you catch those red-eye flights!Ramen and Soba Onjiki Niwamoto has traditional Hakodate-style salty ramen, including their must-try, a dish with snow crab legs as a topping called Takuboku Ramen.

Restaurant & Bar 1854HAKODATE


Ramen and Soba Onjiki Niwamoto


At “THE HAKODATE DEPART”, you can find “Hakodate Monask”, which is an original baked treat made by a Western-style bakery owned by a Japanese-style sweets shop. It is made of a buttery rusk sandwiched by two monaka wafers. The first bite is very sweet but has a slightly salty aftertaste. The “Hakodate Cheese Castella” is made by the historic bakery “Hakodate Sensyuan Sohonke”, which first opened in 1860. The castella is made with local ingredients from around Hokkaido, with a fluffy texture and fragrant cheesy flavor.


Hako To Tate


HakoDake Hiroba is a compact space designed to stimulate children’s imagination through play, made entirely with Japanese Cedar wood from southern Hokkaido. Have fun exploring the secret forts in these boxes!

The charm of Hokkaido lies in its magnificent landscape and nature. After arriving at the airport, make full use of the various trains and busses or a rental car to get the most out of your trip.

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