Head to Matsuo Genghis Khan for Delectable Mutton BBQ Featuring Their Secret Sauce! – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Takikawa City is home to the main store of the historic mutton BBQ restaurant which manages 15 stores throughout the country. Mutton BBQ, known as Jingisukan (Genghis Khan) in Japanese, is a must-try in Hokkaido and a local favorite. For unbeatable softness and a surprising lack of gaminess in the meat, this well-known chain marinates selected parts of the mutton from New Zealand and Australia in an original sauce using apples and onions. Vegetables stewed in the juices of the meat and sauce surrounding the pot are also extremely tasty! As a souvenir of your fabulous meal, be sure to purchase pre-packaged products which can also be shipped locally.

Matsuo Genghis Khan (Mutton BBQ) Main Store

3-5-12 Myojin-cho, Takikawa, Hokkaido