Hokkaido’s Signature Seafood Dish – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

No Hokkaido trip would be complete without three of the prefecture’s signature dishes – jingisukan (lamb barbecue), Ishikari Nabe hot pot, and Chan Chan Yaki. Chan Chan Yaki is a homey recipe in which salmon, onion, cabbage, and other vegetables are grilled on a hot iron plate in front of guests. The dish is believed to have its humble origins long ago as a simple Ishikari fisherman’s meal but has now gained popularity as a culinary tradition in local households. The dish can be found in a variety of styles, especially depending on the region, but is most commonly made by steam-frying everything with miso paste and butter. September is the best time for fresh salmon in Hokkaido, so visitors should make sure to add Chan Chan Yaki to their to-eat list if they are visiting during the month.