Honey and Beef Come Together at Tobachi – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Run by a bee farm in Kamishihoro Town, Tobashi is a restaurant located in a scenic forest. While here, be sure to sample the most popular dish: the hamburger steak made using “Tokachi Naitai Wagyu Beef.” This beef comes from cows born and raised entirely in Kamishihoro Town. Highly recommended is topping your hamburger steak with cheese, also from Tokachi. This restaurant also features honey in various forms, including drinks and desserts, as well as steaks. Grab some honey as a souvenir on the way out too! These delicious highlights allow diners to truly appreciate a menu crafted by locals and made with local ingredients.

This restaurant is located in a converted former elementary school, located in a forest.

Teppanyaki Restaurant Tobachi

229-1 higashi 15-sen, Oribe, Kamishihoro-cho, Kato-gun, Hokkaido