Innovative “Yakitori” Cuisine in Muroran – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Generally speaking, yakitori (meaning “grilled chicken”) refers to skewered chicken meat cooked on a charcoal grill. Yakitori restaurants often use various parts of the animal such as breasts, thighs, cartilage, or organs, served in two styles: shio (salt) and tare (a sweetened soy glaze). But in Muroran City in eastern Hokkaido, yakitori restaurants substitute chicken for pork. Grilled pork and onion skewers are the most popular style of Muroran yakitori, served with each restaurant’s original sauce and a spicy mustard dip. Muroran City may sit on a small peninsula off the beaten track, however, Muroran yakitori restaurants can be found elsewhere on the island, including prefectural capital Sapporo. As such, you can feast on these succulent meaty treats without having to go far out of your way!