Kakigoya Shiriuchi Banya: Grill Your Own Fresh Oysters – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

One hour by car from Hakodate, Kakigoya Shiriuchi Banya is a restaurant serving dishes made with the area’s specialty product, oysters. Shiriuchi oysters, nurtured among the turbulent waters of the Tsugaru Strait, are firm and rich in flavor. Eat the oysters fresh around the table, equipped with a gas stove on which to cook them.  Why not try the famous gangan-yaki to taste Shiriuchi’s finest ingredients at their freshest? Simply place the oysters and other seafood in a large metal box and cook them over the flame to savor Hokkaido’s delicious natural bounty. The abundant menu also includes sashimi, hot pots, and other dishes.

Kakigoya Shiriuchi Banya

Omonai, Shiriuchi, Kamiiso-gun, Hokkaido