Kaminoko Pond: A Mystical Pond Deep in the Forest – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Kaminoko Pond is a small pond located in a forest northeast of Lake Mashu which is made from underground water that runs from the large lake. The pond itself is named after Lake Mashu as well. In the Ainu language, Lake Mashu is called Kamuy To, which means “god’s lake,” while Kami no ko means “child of God” in Japanese. Kaminoko Pond is surrounded by trees, but thanks to the water’s low temperatures, fallen trees submerged in the pond do not rot and instead remain intact, contributing to the scene’s magical aura. Come and visit this mysterious spot, keeping a keen eye on the seasonal color changes in the natural waters. The pond’s clarity and distinctive color make it a popular spot despite its remote location. In Summer, the pond turns stunning cobalt and emerald blue while in Winter it darkens to deep indigo.

Kaminoko Pond

Kiyosato, Kiyosato-cho, Shari-gun, Hokkaido