Kamome Island: The Symbol of Esashi – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Historically, Esashi was a bustling port town with cargo ships coming back and forth with precious cargo. With so much traffic, even Kamome, a small island off the coast of Esashi, was used as a natural port. When viewed from above, the island is reminiscent of a seagull spreading its wings, hence its name, Kamome (“seagull”) Island.  A walkway was constructed from the inland coast to the center of the island, which makes for a perfect stroll. Check out natural sights like Heishi Rock, the mysterious tatami mat-like plateau of huge rocks, and the dreamy lighthouse that bathes the evening sky in its glow as you tour the island and the surrounding area. The picturesque nature of the island continues into the evening: Kamome Island was selected as one of the top 100 sunset-viewing spots in Japan. Time your walk just right and you won’t be disappointed as the sun goes down!