Kamuy Lumina: An Illuminated Musical Journey into the Land of the Ainu Gods – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

The Lumina Nightwalk series is developed by Canada’s “MOMENT FACTORY”, who have brought it all over the world. Hokkaido’s edition is set in the dark forests around Lake Akan. Titled Kamuy Lumina, it invites you into the land of the Ainu gods. This unique experience, set on a 1.2-kilometer walking path, takes you on an interactive journey of light, sound, and images in an innovative retelling of a traditional Ainu song. As you walk along the path, use your “rhythm staff” to participate in the performance and become fully immersed in the journey to the world of the Kamuy (Gods). Follow the Owl and the Jay bird along the way to be swept up in a whirlwind of mystery, music, and Hokkaido folk tradition. Be aware, however, that the event is very popular, so we recommend buying your tickets in advance. Pricing: Junior high school students and older: advance sale 3000 yen, same day 3500 yen. Elementary school students: advance sale 1500 yen, same day 1700 yen. Preschoolers: free