Kan Yasuda Sculpture Museum Arte Piazza Bibai: Art in Harmony with Nature – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

This mostly outdoor museum also called an open-air park, is dedicated to the works of renowned sculptor Kan Yasuda. Yasuda’s works are characterized by organic curves of marble and bronze and the careful balance they achieve with the space in which they are exhibited. This is especially apparent as you walk the grounds here, in the artist’s hometown. This museum has over 40 sculptures on display which demonstrate Yasuda’s view on nature, humans, and art, formed through his life in Bibai and his current residence in Italy. After taking in the park, relax over a cup of specialty coffee in the cafe with a gorgeous view of the grounds.

Kan Yasuda Sculpture Museum Arte Piazza Bibai

Sakaemachi Ochiaicho, Bibai, Hokkaido