Kawashima Ryokan: Rare Natural Oil Hot Springs and Delectable Local Cuisine – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

This facility was renovated to be both cozy and stylish in 2016, in celebration of its 90th anniversary. The alkaline hot spring has a faint oil-like fragrance emitted from the oil floating on the surface of its waters, which is a rarity in Japan. The water is said to make the skin exceptionally smooth and has also been noted for its efficacy in treating chronic skin diseases. Be sure to experience this healing spring water in either the indoor or outdoor baths! While here, savor a delicious meal that is a fusion of Japanese and Western cuisine, all made with local vegetables, meat, milk, and seafood. Dinner is followed by their famous pudding dessert while their homemade butter, flavored after both Japan and the Western cuisine, is served for breakfast.

Kawashima Ryokan

Toyotomi onsen, Teshio-gun, Hokkaido