Kojohama Hot Spring Hotel Izumi: Enjoy an Open-Air Hot Springs With Stunning Ocean Views – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Welcome to Kojohama Hot Spring Hotel Izumi, a hotel located on an elevation overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  While here, enjoy soaking in an open-air bath while enjoying the scenic ocean views. The waters here flow 100% from a salt spring source and feel slightly thick and pleasant on the skin.  At a temperature of 49.1°C, these hot springs will guarantee you warmth for an extended period after leaving the bath. The food here is nothing short of gourmet, featuring seafood from Maehama as well as luxurious dishes made from the local specialty, Shiraoi Beef.  Relax in the designated spaces in this hotel in your yukata, fully embracing this immersive wellness experience.

Kojohama Hot Spring Hotel Izumi

312-1 Kojohama, Shiraoi, Shiraoi-gun, Hokkaido