Kumayaki Reimagined at the Aioi Roadside Station! – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Those making the drive between Kushiro and Abashiri should make time for a stop at Aioi Roadside Station, which sits on National Highway 240. Here, you can buy specially-created kumayaki, a new take on a regional snack. In 2019, Tsubetsu-based designer Shigenari Onishi redesigned the bear-shaped treat into shortbread form, giving us the delicious‘Kumayaki Shortbread”. While you can normally purchase a 3 pack for ¥594 starting from April 2021, they plan to sell them in packs of 4. Made from carefully selected ingredients, these fragrant, flaky treats are surely a must try!

Aioi Roadside Station

83-1 Aioi, Tsubetsu, Abashiri, Hokkaido