Kunimare Sake Brewery: Japan’s Northernmost Sake Brewery – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Kunimare has been producing sake in the small town of Mashike along the coast of the Sea of Japan since its establishment in 1882. While there were other breweries in the town in the Meiji era, Kunimare has stood the test of time as the last one standing. Visit this brewery and feel its long history, from the 19th century stone warehouse to old Sake bottles and labels. The best time to take a tour of the brewery is between November and March when the sake is being prepared. Kunimare’s refreshingly dry sake is their signature brand. It and other varieties are available in the shop for sampling. Why not search for a sake that suits you?

Kunimare Sake Brewery

1-17 Inaba-cho, Mashike, Mashike-gun, Hokkaido