Kurobeko: A Myriad of Ways to Enjoy Biratori Beef – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Biratori wagyu, one of Hidaka’s most famous brands of beef, has been produced in Biratori Town for nearly 60 years. At Kurobeko, you can savor Biratori beef, whose flavor has been enhanced by the chill Hokkaido air. Diners can choose from a variety of tantalizing dishes, including steak, sukiyaki, barbecue, and hamburger steaks. The tomatoes, another specialty of Biratori Town, are a must try with the beef! As a demonstration of its versatility, the beef is also great with pasta, pizza, and salads as well.

Biratori Wagyu Beef Restaurant – Kurobeko

200-2, Jirun Furutsu, Biratori-cho, Saru-gun, Hokkaido