Kushiro City: The Home of “Robata-yaki” Seafood BBQ – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Robata-yaki, a type of BBQ cuisine popularized in Kushiro City, involves grilling fresh seafood and vegetables over charcoal. As with most food charcoal-grilled cuisines, the robata-yaki method really helps to bring out the flavor of the fish while adding a delightfully crispy outer texture. There are old-fashioned robata-yaki restaurants all over Kushiro where you have the choice of seafood grilled to perfection by an expert chef, or for the DIY-prone, you can sizzle the food yourself. Not only is robata-yaki unique to the city, but Kushiro is also known for having some of the tastiest seafood in Hokkaido, trawled in from the nearby waters of the North Pacific.