Kushiro Gourmet Hopping Tour: Fun Flavors Off the Beaten Track – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

When in Kushiro City, the best way to savor delicious local specialties is with a guide. Luckily, in the Kushiro Gourmet Hopping Tour, operating between January 15 and March 31, you can book local English-speaking guides who will accompany you on a flavorful voyage from the lobby of your hotel into the heart of the city’s culinary traditions. First up is a short walking tour of the town center area followed by a traditional Robata-yaki restaurant, famous for freshly caught Hokkaido seafood. After enjoying the atmosphere and hospitality of this Kushiro tradition, finish the evening at a Zangi (fried chicken) restaurant, a home-grown specialty, before being shown back safely to your hotel or continuing your adventures in the city.