Kushiro Washo Market: Eastern Hokkaido Eats in a Bustling Environment – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Washo Market is said to be one of Hokkaido’s top three markets alongside Hakodate’s Morning Market and Sapporo’s Nijo Market. Washo is Kushiro’s oldest market with a fascinating history as a civic kitchen in the early post-war period. It also boasts an excellent range of seafood and processed marine products, just as you might expect from a port town like Kushiro. The collection of approximately 60 stalls is particularly known for a dish that customers design themselves. Come and make your own bowl of rice by loading it up with your choice of fabulous raw fish from the surrounding stalls. You will definitely be wanting a second bowl before you leave Kushiro!

Kushiro Washo Market

13-25 Kurogane-cho, Kushiro, Hokkaido