Lakeside Dining at Table Dev Rivage – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Table De Rivage, a chic café & restaurant located by the shores of Lake Onuma, offers stunning scenery of the grand lake and nearby mountain range, which includes Mt. Komagatake, from its outdoor deck. Against blue skies, Mt. Komagatake rising 1,131-meters into the heavens casts an imposing and beautiful figure. It’s little wonder it has become one of the enduring symbols of southern Hokkaido. The restaurant’s cuisine is of a standard to match the postcard-worthy views, fusing Western cooking techniques with local ingredients. The European-inspired menu features crab pasta, rich beef stew, soup curry, and handmade cakes. A dining cruise service is also available from May to October, allowing you to enjoy a delicious lunch while gliding along the glassy waters of Lake Onuma.

Table De Rivage

141 Onuma-cho, Nanae-cho, Kameda-gun, Hokkaido