Learn About the Ainu People’s Deep Respect for Nature on a One-of-a-Kind Guided Tour – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

This is a guided tour that will bring you on a stroll around Camp Poroto and Lake Poroto situated beside the National Ainu Museum Upopoy which just opened in 2020. Enjoy a leisurely walk through the forest with an expert tour guide and learn about the life and culture of the Ainu native people of Shiraoi who live in harmony with the diverse flora and fauna in the woods of Poroto. Before entering the forest and starting the tour, please say a prayer to the Kamui (God) of the trees. Don’t miss this unique chance to learn about Ainu cultures!

Camp Poroto NEO FOLK Guided Tour

Camp Poroto, Shiraoi, Shiraoi-gun, Hokkaido