Learn How to Master Tokachi’s Vast Nature from the Pros! – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

At the Tokachi Nature Center, you can enjoy various outdoor activities in Tokachi’s wilderness for a truly immersive and satisfying nature experience guided by professionals. If you can visit in the Summer, why not try activities like early morning hot-air ballooning which allows you to gaze down on the earth from 30-meters up in the air, river rafting, stand-up paddling, or all-included barbecues? In the Winter, activities like snowshoeing and eagle watching can’t be beat! The program is packed with tours showing off the area’s natural attractions, and with many of them suitable for children, they are also recommended for families!

Tokachi Nature Center

12-1-12 Tokachigawaonsenminami, Otofuke, Kato-gun, Hokkaido