Learn the Secret of Hokkaido’s Lake Onneto – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Located in the Akan-Mashu National Park, Lake Onneto is a breathtaking sight that appears to change colors with the seasons, weather, and angle from which it is viewed. Known as one of Hokkaido’s top three “secret” lakes, this body of water, whose name means “the elderly marsh” in the Ainu language, offers a stunning backdrop to any photoshoot. Why not take a trip here in Autumn, when visitors can marvel at the lakeside foliage reflected on the surface of the blue lake? Surrounded by primeval forests, Lake Onneto also connects to a 3-kilometer-long footpath leading to an observation point with beautiful views. From this vantage point, look out onto the nearby Mount Meakan-dake and Mount Akan Fuji, as well as Lake Onneto which lies below.