Local Art and Food at its Finest: Naganuma Art Town – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Naganuma is home to a large number of artists and craftspeople who have created a community of artisans in this picturesque town. Rent a car and spend a day browsing the art studios, craft shops, pottery, and woodworking workshops where you can find unique works of art for sale. Or, how about trying your hand at glass engraving, one of the many art workshops you can find in town! Naganuma is also more than just art. After spending a day appreciating beautiful pieces, be sure to pop into one of Naganuma’s many cafes and restaurants which serve local produce and refreshing drinks made with the town’s natural spring water. Worth a special trip is a unique fresh vegetable and hamburger steak rice bowl, and soft-serve ice cream made from Naganuma daily. 

Naganuma Art Town