mameya Tokachi – A Long-Established Bean Confectionery With Over 130 Years of History – HOKKAIDO LOVE!

Long-established bean confectionery, established in Kyoto in 1885. In 1988, they opened an experimental workshop in the Tokachi area’s Honbetsu Town, which specializes in the production of beans, and in 1991, they moved their entire factory here from Kobe. The shop, which is alongside the factory, sells a variety of confectionery made from beans. They include amanatto, or sugared azuki beans; yokan, which is made by turning red beans into a sweet paste and shaping it into a firm rectangular block; and suyakimame, or grilled beans, roasted using a mameya Tokachi original technique.

mameya Tokachi Okamedou Honke

18-8, Kyoei, Hombetsu-cho, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido